Oral sex is an indispensable thing in foreplay and this is also a very important factor determining the peak of women.

So how to have oral sex properly and skillfully make her creamy. Join us to find out immediately the following article.


Using the mouth, lips, tongue to stimulate the sexual arousal points of a partner makes them enchanted, happy like lips, breasts, buttocks, genitals … It’s simple.


Oral sex if both are clean and healthy, it will be very good, it brings the following great benefits:

  • Helping your partner to be happy, to the top to achieve pleasure, if you are good at qhbm, your partner will only love you.
  • Is a great way to reduce stress.
  • Help to sleep well, enhance memory.
  • Strengthening the immune system, enhancing health because when peaking the body will secrete this hormone more.
  • Slow down the aging process.
  • Very good pain relief, especially headaches… ..


However, if your partner’s genital area is not clean or has an infection, it can cause a lot of dangerous diseases. So it is best to only have oral sex with a lover or a husband and wife. Absolutely not them with prostitutes, massage, cafe hug, boys bao….

If you miss a room and find that their genitals are not good, stop immediately, otherwise, you will most likely have one of the following diseases:

  • HPV infection, oral sex that causes nasopharyngeal cancer comes from this virus.
  • The risk of HIV infection is very high. When a sex partner is infected with HIV, you suck in their place. If unfortunately your mouth is missed or scratched, the chance of you getting HIV is certain.
  • Hepatitis B is also very contagious this way.
  • Dangerous sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts are extremely easy to spread through the mouth. If you see a sore throat, coughing up blood, itchy mouth, fever … chances are you are sick. Should immediately go to medical facilities for prompt treatment, so do not be afraid that it will become more difficult and costly to treat for a long time.

In short, in order to have safe oral sex, you should only have sex with someone you know well that they have no disease. Before having sex, it is ok to be hygienic before having sex.


First, you should stimulate all the sensitive points on the body of women from the ears, to the lips, then down the neck area, and then the snow, buttocks, thighs.

Absolutely should not put your tongue straight into the female genitals without walking on these parts.

In these sensitive places, you should kiss and suck, put on it wet and erotic licking accompanied by hot, stimulating breaths and when you have oral sex, your hands should also activate. movement, massage, and manipulation.

For example, when you are kissing her chest or neck from the front, let your hands massage her buttocks or awl. If you are kissing her neck from behind, use your hands to massage her breasts.

After the massage, you can advance, use one middle finger or index finger to scrub gently, pay attention to do as light as a glimpse into the underwear right where her little girl.

A little note for guys is that you should only scrub the outside of the fabric of the pants, not put your hands inside when at this early stage.

With this method of oral sex, you do not need to have real sex, but it has made the new schoolgirls exposed to sex, wet all the pants.

After gently rubbing her hand across the fabric, kiss and lick her neck or chest. Fingers go up and down vertically of the vagina and focus on the spleen, still kissing the mouth and tongue button.

After you have stimulated the sensitive spots on her body, kiss and lick her around, don’t rush to put her tongue inside her.

Kiss and lick her around gently, especially the inner thighs and upper-lower abdomen of the pubic.

Kissing her ass to increase her happiness

Then slowly take off your pants and look at her butterfly as if you wanted to devour it so that she will be absolutely delighted by your act of eroticism and lewdness.

Next compliment her beautiful and sexy girl, attractive to you or compliment her smooth hair, even if she is ugly, praise her so that she feels loved.

However, please compliment subtly, do not praise it as rosy when in fact the baby is dark because so she will know immediately you pretend to praise and you may have to stop the fun here.

The most important part of oral sex is to induce her desire.

It is just like saying that when you are hungry, you will find it delicious, after you spread her legs, do not rush to put your tongue inside her.

Let her crave you by continuing to kiss and lick her inner thighs, her fingers still clutching her full, round nipples.

From time to time, strangers turn their tongue over to lick her pubic hair and breathe with a gasp, hot breath.

This is the most skilled oral sex you need to hold in the palm of your hand.

Just make fun and let her wait, women will quickly get bored and lose inspiration if they get what they want right away.

But the play also needs a limit, do not let too long will make her lose interest in the game so you must carefully observe and be subtle in how to handle it.

When you see the eyes of lust and lust like killing you, put your tongue in, lick and kiss and suck her at that moment. Then she will be crazy over happy thanks to your wet tongue.

The period after inserting the tongue inside the little girl of oral sex oral sex

Now is the time to not skip anywhere from the bottom to top or from outside to inside, from left to right.

Lick the outer edge of her, people call it her big lips. Next, use two fingers to gently spread the large lips and use your tongue to lick the inside of the lips.

Next is to lick straight into her vagina by licking from top to bottom and wicking the circle in it. In this area, you should gently suck because it is very sensitive so it needs lightness.

You can then add more arousal by placing your whole mouth in and sucking her, and that’s all, she’s already on top and out of the lust.

Continue drinking all the water if you are not afraid of dirt because it shows you are a crazy person and it shows her that you have oral sex such passionate oral sex means you very love her.

It also shows you’re a lascivious man to attract your woman. So the more enthusiastic you are, the more she stimulates when she re-stimulates her.

Please lick like never before and besides, remember to take good care of her beads because this is the key point to bring her to the top, lick it more than the rest.


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Another thing is that if you want to put your hands on her vagina during oral sex, then consult her before acting because someone likes and dislikes so respect her, if she agrees, then you should start gently.

When you put your finger inside the little girl, curl your finger to stimulate her g-points, it will make her feel indescribable, plus the point of licking and sucking, she is just as happy as an electric shock only.

You slowly give 1 finger and gradually increase the intensity along with strong licking and sucking, she will reach the highest peak and cut nails before sex to avoid damaging her vagina.

If untidy nails cause a scratch on her vagina, you will fail no matter how well you learn how to have oral sex by mouth.

A very important note that determines how successful oral sex is or not is to actively ask her if she likes strong or light or how fast or slow you like it so you can adjust accordingly. well suited.


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Definitely not because the hands and mouth do not have sperm and get pregnant, only when the baby is inserted and on the right day of ovulation will get pregnant.


Heat means the mouth is missing, it is very easy to spread HIV, HPV, sexually transmitted diseases … if unfortunately, your sexual partner has those diseases.

The best advice is not to have sex when the mouth is missing, but sex is something that is difficult to control with reason, so it needs discipline if you feel it is not good, stop immediately.


Theoretically is good, but in fact, one sentence is definitely not.

Women suck men, men wear a condom, nothing is happy, women get vomiting from the smell of the condom, sometimes the lubricant in the bag is even more poisonous.

Where would a man suck a condom, if any, he would be very busy when he was too excited to throw it away.

So if the latch is safe, then just suck.


During the menstrual period, women will have a lot more desire, they will easily “pick up” and peak faster when the men suck them.

However, during the period it will be very dirty and it is also easy to spread the disease because menstrual blood is a woman’s waste, so to be safe, stop waiting for the relationship to stop.





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