Especially in the foreplay, many people have long relationships with a predetermined pattern. Foreplay is no longer really varied and risky. Our Nadia Bokody columnist recommends getting access to sex toys – and there are several product recommendations ready for you.

If you’re one of the estimated 70 to 80% of women who need clitoral stimulation for orgasm, then incorporating clitoris sex toys in foreplay or sesh sex can be a great way to Temperature increases.


There is nothing more glamorous than letting your partner take control of your sex toy for foreplay, using it to stimulate until you’re dangerously close to orgasm.

Sex toys are a great way to tease and explore each other’s bodies and really enhance foreplay.

I’m a huge fan of letting my partner use Womanizer all over my body; Gently run it over my nipples and down above my navel and up my clit. It builds an incredibly compelling level of prediction and makes sure I’m really steamy as we head to the main event.

Would a sex toy in foreplay upset my partner?

Unfortunately, there is still an outdated belief among some women that putting a toy in the bedroom will somehow either frustrate their partner or make him feel competitive.

The reality cannot be any different than the truth. Research shows that about 41% of women have used a vibrator during foreplay with their partner and for good reason. Sex toys enhance all feelings of sex and introduce a new, novel element into the mix to keep things interesting.

Say hello to my little friend …

The best way to introduce a toy to your foreplay is to talk to your partner about it. In fact, the conversation doesn’t have to be awkward or clinical, you can make it incredibly dirty. Whisper in your partner’s ear that you’ve got a naughty fantasy about them using a toy on you and you want them to tease you with that item tonight.

When it’s time to pick up your toy, use it to show it to your partner. There’s something more glamorous than seeing your spouse go out, and it’s also a really effective way to show them exactly how you want them to use the toy on you.

After your partner is done with your work, hand over your toys and invites them to use anywhere on your body except your genitals. Allow yourself to sink into the moment and enjoy the sensations in your skin. Ask your partner to focus on each of your sensitive areas: neck, breasts, nipples, abdomen, and wherever else feels good.

After your body has been taken care of, invite your partner to hold the toy on your clitoris. Clitoris toys are especially great, as you can use them right away during sex. Simply swing over your spouse to ride them, then keep the toys on your clit while you ride to continue the fun! But there are other toys that are perfect for foreplay as well. And I recommend them to you once …

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