The 2020 Best Oral Sex Guide to Proper Oral Sex

Móc cua là gì? Cách kích thích làm nàng sướng rên

Oral sex is an indispensable thing in foreplay and this is also a very important factor determining the peak of women. So how to have oral sex properly and skillfully make her creamy. Join us to find out immediately the following article. WHAT IS ORAL SEX Using the mouth, lips, tongue to stimulate the sexual arousal points of a […]

How to find G-points and stimulating secrets that make her sublimate in love

The position is deep in the vagina, find the g point to help her reach her climax faster

The location gives a feeling of explosion, orgasm, but not everyone knows how to find a G-Spot (G-Spot). This article will guide you on how to stimulate G-score to sublimate the “fun”, enhance desire and pleasure every time you have sex.  The position is deep in the vagina, find the g point to help her […]

How to use a sex toy in foreplay with a partner.

Especially in the foreplay, many people have long relationships with a predetermined pattern. Foreplay is no longer really varied and risky. Our Nadia Bokody columnist recommends getting access to sex toys – and there are several product recommendations ready for you. If you’re one of the estimated 70 to 80% of women who need clitoral […]