Statistics from the Institute for Family and Gender Studies have up to 95% of women unable to climax when having sex. Therefore, in order to help the “partner” to be happy and watery, do not be afraid to learn ways to ensure success at the top below.

What is the expression of women at the top?

Unlike men, a woman’s love affair can peak several times. Signs that she has reached a peak or cured will help men learn how to make women feel the best fit.

Expression when women reach the top
Expression when women reach the top

The process of sexual intercourse has 4 stages including foreplay, arousing excitement, climax, and recovery. The female climax usually lasts 10 – 30 seconds in a row with vaginal contractions. Some typical signs that help men know if their partner is satisfied or not are as follows:

  • The vagina does not stop contracting 

When he began to see signs of strong spasm in the vagina, he could tell that it was time for her to reach the summit. The vaginal wall and smooth, longitudinal muscles tighten when stimulated over a long period of time. Blood is constantly being rushed to the vagina to help “her” incessantly convulsing. This is also the time when he felt her deeply.

  • Heavy breathing 

When she began to feel the excitement, her body temperature increased, her breathing began to accelerate and accelerate. Usually women hold their breath to feel the stimuli. That is why when the closer the “mountain top” gets, the short breath is accompanied by charming “groans”.

  • Chest and nipples are stiff 

Feeling stimulates endocrine hormones in the body. At this time, the sensitive parts of her body also reacted like tightening her breasts, her nipples also became tight. Using her hands to feel and massage as she prepares will make the love of “crossing the mountain” hotter. When you see this sign your way of taking her to the top has been successful.

  • The “little girl” was wet 

Many men know if their partner is satisfied or not by considering the “wet” level of the “little girl”. Right from the foreplay, she started secreting greasy secretions, but when she reached the orgasm, the more hydrostaticity. This “water” not only helps to move easily but also helps create an antibacterial environment for sperm to penetrate and fertilize. However, there are some people who have a special position, when they reach the top, they do not have much “water” so to know whether their partner is satisfied or not, the guy has to observe other signs.

  • The groan changed 

The closer the climax is, the higher the woman’s moan will be, the groan can follow the movement of the “little boy”. When she reached orgasm she wouldn’t be able to control her moan anymore.

How to successfully bring her to the top when hearing a moan
How to successfully bring her to the top when hearing a moan
  • “Ejaculate” 

Some women will “emerge” like men when they reach the climax. Clear white, often appears when he makes her fall in love. Very few cases of women “ejaculate” during sex, so when he sees the phenomenon, he definitely makes her completely satisfied, and he cannot escape.

The benefits of creating a “climax” when having sex for women

Having sex is not only a pleasure but also has many health benefits. When she reaches orgasm, it will help:

  • Improve immune system
  • Control urinary tract diseases
  • Limit the incidence of cardiovascular diseases
  • Improve sleep
  • Make the body relax, reduce stress, and stress
  • Slows down the aging process and early menopause in women

Every time having sex is like exercising, helping to burn excess fat, limit cholesterol accumulation, when she reaches orgasm, the brain produces happy hormones that help the body stay fresh, full of energy. .

Learn now 15 ways to bring her to the top, the fastest

After understanding the positions that help stimulate the “beast” in her, now is the time to apply ways to make women peak for extremely high success rates.

1.The first step

An indispensable step in the process of sex, not only plays the role of creating “lubricant” foreplay but also promotes the senses, hormones of women to focus on “love”. Start with a deep kiss, using your tongue to get her attention.

Foreplay for her to the top
Foreplay for her to the top

Foreplay helps the nerves and brain to be gently stimulated, the body produces many hormonal hormones. Then the girl “wet” enough to penetrate the penis will reduce pain and burning sensation. Especially for the guys who are not confident about the time of their “battle”, this step will help to reduce their shortcomings, help her to rise faster.

2. How to bring her to the top with “golden hands”

Remember, in addition to the traditional way of making girlfriends to the top, men can also take advantage of their “golden hands” to help them “cross the mountain”. Use your hands to arouse the desire and pleasure in her. Hand sex is not simply about penetrating the “girl” but also requires more skills than that.

Using your hands to massage sensitive areas on the body, continuous stimulation will bring a “love wave” for her. Caressing her outside before penetrating directly. The stimulating position can change arbitrarily, helping her to satisfy.

Let’s start with 1 finger when “she” gets used to it can use 2 more fingers to be able to contact multiple positions inside her. The initial speed was slow and gentle, like small waves hitting the restricted area. When you see her starting to gasp, increase the speed to finish the game. Do not ignore the “forbidden” to help her quickly achieve orgasm, push “her” to the limit.

Note: Slowly approach her slowly, if you rush in directly, it will reduce the fun. While jokingly, while saying cooing to her, he will definitely increase his plus points in their eyes and prove that the way to bring her to the top is completely correct.

3. Allow her to control the love

Many men think that they must always control their love in bed, which makes sex more and more boring. Change by allowing her to control the love affair. Choose positions that help her move on her own, leading them both to the top. There are many positions that help him be able to “control” tacitly without making her lose her heart.

Allow her to take control of the game to get her to the top quickly
Allow her to take control of the game to get her to the top quickly

4. Oral sex – How to make a woman quickly climax

Another way to bring her to the top is to perform oral sex. Oral sex brings a new feeling for women, especially this way of having slow sex, slowly making women enjoy more pleasure than traditional sex.

According to the University of Queensland (Australia) surveyed over 1000 women, up to 85% of women peak when having oral sex. This rate is much more than the traditional way of sex. Oral sex is a way that men use their tongue to massage “forbidden” parts.

First, you can gently lick the outer edges of the “little girl”, use your hand to extend the pussy to help easily move back and forth. The leisurely position is also one of the sensitive points that helps excite her. However, this is a very sensitive point, he needs to be gentle so he does not use force that will make his partner feel pain. Keep the same speed until she gasps and gradually increases the speed, do not stop until she reaches the climax.

How to make girlfriends on top with Oral sex normally can last from 10 to 15 minutes, so it should not prolong time will make her wait too long, lose interest.

5. Maintain the pace until she “comes out”

Besides the technique, the pace is no less important in how to bring her to the top. When you penetrate the penis, move smoothly, keeping the same speed to help form “love waves”. Do not rush to finish it will make her feel unsatisfied and have to “surrender”.

6. Find the right point G

The easiest way to bring her to the top is to find the G-spot. Usually, a woman’s G-spot is above, inside the vaginal wall. He can search for this position while stimulating “little girl” with his hand. Point G is a small ledge 4 – 5 cm from the outer edge that when arched his finger he can feel it. Stimulation hit this position will quickly bring her to “heaven”.

The stimulating position makes the girlfriend quickly climax
The stimulating position makes the girlfriend quickly climax

7. Touching the back of the neck and behind the ears – How to make his wife happy

This is also an easy position to stimulate her that the men can apply. How to make a girlfriend to the top by caressing the nape of the neck or kissing her lightly behind her ear will make her vibrate. Therefore, or try to do it this way, the results will surprise the boys.

8. How to bring her to the top thanks to the “touch” on the neck

Just like the back of the neck, the kisses moving from the lips to the neck give women a sense of arousal. There are cases where just a kiss on the neck makes her “crib overflowing”. Men can also bite lightly or leave a hickey as an act of “marking” her as his woman.

9. Breast massage – The way to satisfy women

Breasts are extremely sensitive parts in women. So during foreplay don’t forget to “care” about this position. As long as she stimulated her breasts began to stretch, nipples tightened. Try using your hand or tongue to provoke inner desires to help your lover “go crazy”.

10. Caressing the abdomen and navel

Many women reported feeling aroused when their partner kissed their abdomen or waist slightly more than any other position. His caresses, kisses just help her “wet” to express her love and concern.

How to make women climax by stimulating sensitive positions
How to make women climax by stimulating sensitive positions

11. Stimulate the pubic area with kisses

The most effective way to make a girlfriend on the top is to create pleasure, stimulation for women. Instead of directly going to her “little girl”, he tried “taking care” of the mound position. In this area, there are also many nerves that stimulate desire in women, helping the body to release the hormone pheromone, which creates an extremely seductive scent, helping her to brew coffee.

12. Inner thighs – Incredible stimulation position

If the above positions were not enough to bring her to the climax, why the men did not apply the way to bring her to the top by stimulating the inner thighs. Just flick the tips of her fingers or lips to this position, an instant aura will flow through her body. Kisses or light bites on her thighs during sex will help shorten her peak period.

In addition to the above positions, men can slowly discover their partner’s “weaknesses” through each sex session. The stimulation of these positions not only helps her to be tired, but also shows his concern and understanding for the partner’s body.

13. How to bring her to the top by changing many sex poses

On the Internet there are more than 300 million search results for the keyword “sex posture”, if you want to find a way to make women get up quickly, please consult and perform these poses immediately.

Doggy pose

The posture made her quickly reach the climax
The posture made her quickly reach the climax

Most women like this posture when having sex. Doggy pose allows the penis to penetrate deeply into the “little girl”. At the same time creating many angles made her feel the “love wave” quickly created a climax.

The penetrating the back helps to tighten the pussy, the “stabbing” will touch her deepest place, making her fall in love with each sex. In this position, men can stand or kneel, but this position takes a lot of energy and makes men appear early.

Spoon-up pose – How to make women on top easily

They both lay on the same side, men penetrating her from behind. For easy movement, she can pull her legs to help in and out more smoothly.

How to make girlfriend happy with spoon position
How to make girlfriend happy with spoon position

This posture overcomes the status of “out” early in men, even more, helps her feel his tenderness and caress during sex.

Change in love position – How to make a girlfriend on top

To help a girlfriend happy, men try to renew the relationship by changing the sex position. Make use of the table or bathroom. Changing the sex space stimulates her senses.

Twisted sexual posture

The way to bring her to the top with a twisted posture, she lay on her side, while men actively move, rubbing to create excitement. In this position, the “little boy” will be in contact with many locations in the vagina, making it easier to find the G-spot.

The twisted sexual posture is also a way of showing the guy’s initiative to hold power each time he has sex. At the same time, you can both cuddle, kiss, or watch your partner’s expressions during sex.

Face-to-face pose – How to get her to the top 2 times in 15 minutes

How do I know if she is satisfied or not? Applying a face-to-face position helps him observe her facial expressions to adjust the pace and posture accordingly. How to bring a girlfriend to the top is done as follows:

  • The men sit on the edge of the bed, their feet on the floor.
  • She sat on her partner’s lap, face to face.

The two of them can move at the same time to make the climax faster, and he can also cuddle her breasts, which will help stimulate her orgasm. This is also a way to make women climax many times men should try.

Changing sexual positions is the fastest way to bring her to the top
Changing sexual positions is the fastest way to bring her to the top

Ballet dancer pose 

Having sex in bed is boring, then with a ballet dancer position will help stimulate all of the couple’s senses. However, this pose requires a lot of strength so both need good health to apply.

In this position, the penis will penetrate while both are standing, one leg of the female friend curled up to the hip to help the “little boy” to go deeper. This advantage makes it easy for both of them to give each other a passionate kiss, increase their affection, and make their love sublimation.

Posture 69 – How to make women climax fastest

Probably, posture 69 is no longer too strange for men, right. However, being able to perform this move requires both stable skills. The two lie opposite each other, the female lying on top and the “little girl” facing the partner’s face. Together, stimulate each other’s sensitive parts to feel a sense of sublimation and satisfaction.

Use the way to bring her to the top in 69 position
Use the way to bring her to the top in 69 position

This posture is not difficult but requires the coordination of both sides, bringing the most complete emotions in the love.

Horse riding posture 

One of the fastest ways to get a woman to the top is horse riding. At this time, the penis will have a chance to reach the deepest part of the vagina, helping to stimulate her G-spot, giving it a feeling of indescribable fascination.

The advantage of this posture is that women have the right to master the “love”, men simply lie down to enjoy, limit the effort, and can freely massage her sensitive positions.

The fastest way for women to have orgasm
The fastest way for women to have orgasm

 Upright posture 

Similar to Doggy, in this position women lie on their backs on the beds, men perform in-and-out movements from behind. Her movements help “little girl” become more tight, making him feel the full partner.

You can add a pillow under your belly to make it easier to move, bring pleasure to her climax.

This way of bringing her to the top is worth learning from the men. If you are not confident, you can completely refer to instructions on how to have sex with pictures, videos online to perform the most accurate movements.

What to do after taking her to the top?

After the climax has passed, maybe women will produce hormones such as Oxytocin, Dopamine, Serotonin, Endorphin … these neurotransmitters bring feelings of happiness, love and reduce stress and fatigue. . This is the time when women want to be cared for the most, so men should not leave her alone.

After taking her to the top do not forget to cherish and give a sweet kiss
After taking her to the top do not forget to cherish and give a sweet kiss
  • Give her warm and passionate kisses.
  • Saying words of concern and praise to her at the same time giving her the most affectionate eyes.
  • Can clean her “little girl” to increase affection
  • Share his feelings for her so that they can both understand each other better.

Sex plays an important role in married life, men do not ignore the ways to bring her to the top to warm up the feelings, helping the two to understand each other better.

Notes to know when wanting to bring her to the top

The climax depends not only on physical contact, psychology also plays a big role in how to bring her to the top. To have unforgettable moments, men need to pay attention to the following issues:

Use protection to avoid STIs
Use protection to avoid STIs
  • Creating a comfortable psychology helps her to be confident and focus on love.
  • Always praise her for her beauty to increase her confidence as well as help her feel cared for and loved by you.
  • Use protection to prevent unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Take care of and take care of your partner both before and after sex.

Hope the article content has partly provided you with ways to bring her to the top, bringing unforgettable moments of “sex”. Do not be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings each time you have sex so that you can both learn from experience next time.

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